Aims and Objectives

  1. To undertake Natural Resource Management activities and build capacities of local farmers for innovative farming and non-farming techniques
  2. To mitigate the overall sustainable energy requirements in remote inaccessible areas without disturbing the environment
  3. To empower boys, girls, women and adults through quality education and vocational trainings
  4. To raise the moral, social, economic and health standards of people living in rural and urban settings
  5. To tap local resources and help generate self-employment for the local people
  6. To provide relief measures during disasters such as floods, droughts, and so on
  7. To develop and implement activities for people with any type of disabilities
  8. To minimize the distress among the farming community by introducing soil and water conservation programs through latest technologies and organic farming for enhancing livelihood opportunities

The Values We Cherish

  • Mutual trust and respect, for each and every individual recognizing uniqueness of each other and the value of being diverse
  • Transparency & Accountability, demanding that we are accountable at all levels and in turn be effective in our interventions, open in our judgments and interaction with others
  • Independence and neutrality from any religious or party-political affiliation
  • Honesty and integrity.